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Thank you for taking the time to learn how you can benefit financially by being a customer affiliate of American Bill Money.

My name is Paul Korzeniowski and I’ve been an Entrepreneur ever since I was a little kid, from maintaining a paper route to cutting grass and washing cars throughout my neighborhood, I always liked having money in my pocket and I was always thinking of how to work for myself. I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks, and occasionally, I still take a few classes there to this day.
I’ve been self-employed and self-sufficient since I turned eighteen years old.

I started American Bill Money in 2003 when I was 39. American Bill Money, also known as ABM, was created to be an automated residual income system that can provide ambitious adult Americans with a simple way to produce an ongoing residual income from the comfort of their home. All you need to do is remain an active customer of American Bill Money, and distribute and/or Mail our Beautiful full-color ABM postcards in your spare time. Our postcards do all the telling and selling for you and whenever someone you sent a postcard to becomes an American Bill Money customer affiliate, you get paid a huge 60% commission residually.

American Bill Money is in the business of selling advertising, and we specialize in selling Direct Mail Leads of Income Opportunity Seekers and Buyers on peel and stick mailing labels. Since opportunity seekers and buyers are the type of consumers we sell mailing list of, it only made sense to offer an Affiliate Program where our ABM customers not only could zero out the cost of their purchase with us but actually be in profit with only 2 referrals using our simple ready to go system that you’re looking at right now. It Works !

American Bill Money and Gary Krauss Rocks!

American Bill Money’s residual income system include the services and tools of our automated sales process, which includes a Toll Free recording with all the details of ABM as well as the company website that explains Everything about American Bill Money to your prospects 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you don’t have to. The Home Office answers all the questions from your prospects for you, so you don’t have to. Live operators based here in Virginia and our company website takes orders from your prospects twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, And We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, personal checks and money orders. American Bill Money is only available in the United States and in English only.

ABM is professionally managed, American owned, and debt free !

Our Mission is to help as many adult Americans earn as much as possible with America’s Simplest, Most Experienced, Most Profitable and Most Duplicatable "True Residual" Income Opportunity You Will Ever Find...

$125 Monthly Auto-Ship or 12 Month Pre-Pay $1,500

You can become an American Bill Money customer affiliate, one of two ways:

  1. ABM’s “Monthly Auto-Ship” Package sells for $125 a month and pays out $75 every month to the Sponsor.
    With the “Auto-Ship” option you are buying 150 Fresh leads of opportunity seekers and buyers each month. 
    You will be eligible to purchase 1,000 Postcards every 6 months for half price ($75), or 2,500 Postcards every year for half price ($150).
  1. ABM’s “Twelve Month Pre-Pay” which sells for $1,500 a year and pays out $900 to the Sponsor. You will immediately receive the 1,800 “Leads” you would have received over the course of 12 months if you were on “auto-ship”.
    And as a BONUS you will receive 5,000 Postcards FREE.

Now let me show you the money. We pay you a whopping 60% commission immediately on all the people you refer to ABM, after your first referral. That is $75 a month for all that choose the “Monthly Auto-Ship” and $900 a year for all that choose the “Twelve Month Pre-Pay”.

Your first referral is what is called your “Qualifying Sale” and this is how your Sponsor or Upline will earn money from you and your efforts and that’s okay, because from your second referral on, everybody you personally refer, they in turn each owe YOU their first referral, and those new people each owe you their first referral, and their first referral, and their first referral, and their first referral. This goes on infinitely deep, there is No limit to the levels of duplication you can get paid on.

Once you fully grasp the profit potential this represents, it’s hard not to put a smile on your face !

American Bill Money One-Up Pay Plan

So Remember from your second referral on, no matter how many people you refer, you get a 60% Commission Residually every month. And all these people each owe their first referral to YOU, and each of them, all owe their first referral to you, who all owe their first referral to you, who all owe their first referral to you. This process can go on forever which is what is called infinitely deep, and you get paid 60% commission on all of them. Don’t worry, we keep track and manage all of this for you and provide genealogy reports with every check. You’re going to Love doing business with us.

The Earning Potential of our compensation plan is truly staggering and it will, no doubt help many adult Americans gain the money they need to help with their bills, and hopefully help YOU obtain the Financial Freedom you seek and deserve. That’s why I chose the name, American Bill Money, because it Helps Americans Earn More Money to Pay their Bills.

Think about this! You already accept the fact that the majority of all your bills are residual, that means they keep coming in and have to be paid month after month, pretty much forever right? So, why shouldn’t you be pursuing a simple way, such as ABM to have the residual income you need to take care of those nagging bills instead of just relying on what your employer is willing to pay you for your time which as you know, is Never Enough.

The hardest part in all of this is really the ability to make the decision to get started, remember, just 2 of these referrals and you’ll be in profit and it will be paying for itself. So, don’t procrastinate, don’t make excuses, don’t say one day I could of, should of, would of, everything is in place Right Now and ready for you, are you ready for it?
Just Say “Yes” and Join American Bill Money, Right Now !

American Bill Money is Americas Simplest, Most Experienced, Most Profitable and Most Duplicatable True Residual Income Opportunity You Will Ever Find...

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Paul Korzeniowski, American Bill Money President.

Keep in mind that not everyone will succeed in this opportunity, people will join and quit for various reasons. Some people will do a little, some people will do a lot, some people will do nothing. it’s not for everyone. But remember this, If you are looking for solid people, you have to be solid yourself, do as much as you can do without hurting yourself or others and stay focused on success and don’t quit.

Get excited about YOUR Income Potential with American Bill Money and Gary Krauss, Say YES and TAKE ACTION & GET STARTED NOW!
This is a go to Work Opportunity for Serious Adults ONLY. Actual Income Earned Will Vary Based On Effort & Time.